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Em McNair, Founder and CEO of The EXTRA EDGE Management Consulting Firm, has distinguished herself in the field with more than three decades of higher education leadership, management and professional development training experience.

She has conducted many workshops in the areas of customer service, business etiquette, teamwork and team building and, financial literacy. She launched her business in response to the need from businesses to help them maximize the potential of their employees while at the same time helping companies to increase their productivity.

Em serves on several Boards and has received numerous awards, one of which was the Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed upon her by the Georgia Association of Student Financial Administrators.

She received her B.A. degree in English Literature, the M.A. degree in Counseling and, the Doctor of Education degree in Leadership.

The Consultants

Lt. Col. Beverlye F. McNair, USAF, Ret.

Social Media, Social Intelligence, Curriculum Developer

Derrick NeSmith, Criminologist

Violence in the Workplace, Body Language, Anger Management

Kathy McCloud,

Administrative Support, Interpersonal Skills

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